Shark Tank Face Cream Scams and How to Spot Them

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Have you seen this ad? It’s been making the rounds online for quite some time now. Basically, it says that some brilliant inventor came up with the next big breakthrough in skin anti-aging and went on Shark Tank. Not only did all the sharks invest, they invested big money in the company. But, it gets better–now this Shark Tank Face Cream is available for you to try for only $4.95!

Seems fishy, right?

That’s because it is!

Shark Tank Face Cream Scams

Not only have none of these Shark Tank Face Creams been on Shark Tank, some of the companies that have ran these “ads” are getting actively sued by the show creators.

But it gets more interesting when you consider these Shark Tank Face Cream Scams aren’t just a one-off thing. This advertising tactic is one of the more common scams online today. In fact, we’ve seen dozens of fly-by-night skin care brands using these fake news advertisements.

But these Shark Tank Cream scams aren’t just limited to anti aging creams and serums—you’ll also see all manner of ads using this same technique for weight loss supplements and other less-than-scrupulous products.

How To Avoid Shark Tank Face Cream Scams

  1. Avoid clicking certain advertisements – Do you ever see those irresistible ads at the bottom of your screen on Facebook, or maybe on a news site? They often use the most ridiculous forms of click-baiting possible. Maybe it’s a weird looking fruit that will “make you lose ten pounds in ten days.” Or maybe a divorce from a popular tv couple with a caption that says “XYZ and YXZ Divorce—XYZ Tells All.” But then when you click on the ad, you get taken to one of these scam ads where they use unapproved, fabricated endorsements from these celebrities.
  2. Use common sense – Do you really think Oprah, Sandra Bullock and Eva Longoria are all really investors in a product? If they were, don’t you think you’d be hearing about it on television, or maybe printed in a popular magazine? But that’s the trick with these ads. They set up these products to be so irresistible at first glance that you don’t think twice about what you’re seeing. In the era of fake news and fake ads, you need to think twice about what you’re seeing and use common sense when you’re assessing these ads.
  3. Read the fine print – Well, at least it looks that way. These Shark Tank Scam advertisers tell you that you can get this remarkable product for under five bucks! That would be amazing—if it were true. What they’re not saying in these fake ads (and something you have to discover by reading the fine print on the sales page) is that you’re signing up for a trial. And that $5? That’s covering shipping for the first bottle. After that, you’ll be getting automatically charged for a new shipment every month. Not only that, the price you’re getting charged can prove to be a bit of sticker shock.
  4. Look for reviews – Does a product sound too good to be true? See what other people are saying about it! Oftentimes you’ll find reviews that don’t mention a single word about Shark Tank. And, don’t you think that would be a big point of the review if it was actually on the show?
  5. Buy through trusted retailers – Are you seriously about to buy a product you’ve never heard of through a site you’ve never heard? When you buy skin care products online, go through a trusted site. And, remember, if you click on an ad on a trusted site, that doesn’t mean that you can trust that ad! Even the most reputable sites resort to making money by hosting these ads—so be wary!

Why Are There Still Shark Tank Face Cream Scams?

One of the big problem with these Shark Tank Scam Ads is that as soon as one gets reported and taken down, another pops up to take its place—only this time it’s using a different product name from a different company entirely.

We’re not sure on the exact loopholes these companies use to avoid getting their butts sued off, but we imagine that they run these ads for a limited amount of time, then make it impossible to find that ad by the time people get angry and report them.

Then they rinse and repeat the process with a new name, hoping to bait in another batch of unaware buyers.

Shark Tank Anti Aging Scams | Final Thoughts

One of the best ways to fight back against misinformation is through informing people. While we might not be able to reach the world with this article, we hope that we at least reach some people.

We think that, deep down, most people that visit these scam pages know what they’re reading is too good to be true. But somewhere along the line, they’ve found themselves buying into this manufactured hype that makes these popular Shark Tank Anti Aging Product Scams continue to be successful.

How To Stop Them For Good

We hope that there is a solution soon, and we think that there are a few ways in which this issue can get rectified.

  1. Google, Facebook and other tech companies find a way to filter these ads before they’re ever able to run in the first place.
  2. Investigators find the source of these ads and shut them down permanently.
  3. People become more aware of these ads and are able to avoid them completely.

While we think that options A and B are definite possibilities, we have our doubts about option C—at least for the foreseeable future. But we do think that more education can help to drastically reduce the amount of people that fall victim to these Shark Tank Cream Scams.

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