Peraglow Skin Cream Review

Have you recently seen an ad for peraglow skintensive xCel that said it was featured on Shark Tank? That’s probably what made you look for reviews of the product, right? Well, we have some good and bad news for you. First, it was never featured on Shark Tank. (If you’re curious about this type of ad, we have a good write-up on the phenomenon here). Second, we just saved you some heartache. Because we’re not sure if Peraglow cream is worth the hassle.

In our Peraglow Review, we’ll be talking all about this popular cream. We’ll cover everything from ingredients, to potential side effects, to user reviews and how to buy at the best price. Then, at the end, we’ll talk about the trial program and whether or not it’s worth your time or money.

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Peraglow Skin Cream Trial

Peraglow Face Cream | Initial Thoughts

The first thing we noticed about Peraglow Face Cream was that the site was using a similar layout to other skincare creams we’ve seen.

In addition, Peraglow is offering a trial program. While we’re still on the fence about these, we do know that some people like them.

The last thing we noticed, and this is a big one for our American readers, is that the product is only available in Canada.

Peraglow Ingredients

Like other moisturizers, Peraglow has honed in on a couple of popular moisturizing ingredients. The two we’ll talk about briefly are collagen and peptides.

Peptides – Peptides are a popular choice for skin care companies when they create their products. Why? Because they essentially serve to seal in moisture in the skin, while preventing it from escaping out into the air. For those trying to fight wrinkles, maintaining moisture levels in the skin helps it to repair and regenerate—or at least maintain the status quo.

Collagen – Collagen is considered to be a building block of the skin. Alongside Elastic, Collagen is one of the main structural components of your skin. So, it makes sense that a skincare company like Peraglow would make full use of that ingredient, right?

Peraglow Side Effects

While we aren’t aware of any side effects for Peptides or Collagen, we’re also not Dermatologists. That means if you have problematic or sensitive skin—or if you’re prone to allergies—you should talk with your dermatologist before use.

If you’ve already started using Peraglow and you’re experiencing side effects, stop use immediately. If they’re especially bad side effects, make sure you head to the hospital to get them checked out.

Peraglow User Reviews

As we expected, a lot of people saw the fake Shark Tank ads for Peraglow and thought they were real. That means a lot of people were essentially duped into buying the product.

Also as we expected, a lot of people that did buy Peraglow didn’t read the trial details, which led to a lot of them having bad experiences. (Friendly reminder to our readers, always read the fine print).

The overall ratings reflect the above notes, with them resting steadily at the 1/5 star rating on several sources we looked at.

Pera Glow Cream Trial Info

The Peraglow trial info we’ve found points to a similar trial program we’ve covered with other skincare products. Here are the basics of the trial

  1. It’s a 18 Day Trial—from when you order!
  2. You pay $4.95 up front, and then $94.95 plus $4.90 shipping and handling per month after the trial.
  3. Once the trial is over, you pay for the trial bottle.
  4. You need to cancel the trial, otherwise you automatically opt in.

While a lot of the user reviews we saw pointed to the trial as scammy, the fine print is pretty clear about what to expect.

It might not mesh well with the advertising they’re using, but that’s no excuse for people to gloss over the terms and conditions.

Where to Buy Pera Glow Face Cream

If you’re looking to buy Peraglow Cream, the only place we’ve found online is through the company itself. Additionally, if you’re in the US, you won’t be able to buy it. That’s because the product is only available to Canadian residents.

We weren’t ale to find Peraglow on Amazon, or other online marketplaces. But, as things do, that may change in the future.

PeraGlow Review | Final Thoughts

While Peraglow Moisturizing Face Cream might end up being a good product, there’s enough about it that we don’t like that will keep us from buying it. Plus, because it’s only available in Canada, we wouldn’t be able to buy if it we even wanted to!

For now, we’re going to hold off on buying Peraglow until they offer additional buying options and a more affordable price.

Thanks for reading our review, and be sure to stop back for more of the latest online skincare reviews!

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